TalkRadar Episode 161

Supreme Courting – Let TDar lift your spirits with tales of the best games of 2011 (so far), Supreme Court cases, and more

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  1. Download seems to be busted when I download from my Android phone linked through google reader. I’m probably just beign dumb, but it hits 99% then gets all screwy and forces me to “resume download” from around 70%ish. Over and over and over.

  2. Bad Santa said

    Just wanted to let you know that there are places in the US where it is illegal to sell tickets to R-rated movies to people under 17. In Pennsylvania there’s an old law that forbids the sale of tickets to movies containing adult material to minors. It was designed to keep kids out of porno theatres, but about 10 years ago a theatre just outside Philly was fined for violating this law (the cops sent some kids under 17 to the box office and told them to try to buy tix to an R-rated movie). The law’s not applied very often; just enough to keep theatre owners on their toes.

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