RadioRadar+ Podcast 53: Dive into Battlefield 1’s trenches and enjoy Dragon Quest Builders’ easy creativity

The Big Topic: Battlefield 1’s historical approach to multiplayer shooters
Further Discussion: Dragon Quest Builders’ scripted creativity
What we’re into: Hooking up 14 video game consoles to a single TV and Westworld’s interesting ethical quandaries

Can love bloom on a battlefield? How about Monster branded energy drinks? Find out on this week’s podcast, as we explore the most recent entry into EA’s beloved shooter franchise and how it explores and tackles the Great War while trying to be a fun, multiplayer, explosion-fueled romp. We also take a look back at Dragon Quest Builders and how its brand of guided creativity brings out the artist in all of us. Anthony explains what goes into hooking up an ungodly amount of video game devices to a single television set, and we close with a look into HBO’s Westworld. Is it cheating if you bang a robot? Listen on and find out.

Anthony John Agnello (@ajohnagnello)
David Roberts (@davidrobots)
Susan Arendt (@susanarendt)

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